5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Managed IT

Frustrated? You Need a Managed IT Provider
  • October 12, 2023

Managed IT it's the answer to your tech headaches. 

As a company grows, so do its IT needs—sometimes at an overwhelming pace. When a company is first finding its footing, a small internal IT department may be enough or executives may simply choose to handle problems themselves. But with increased business comes more complex challenges. Many growing companies find that IT becomes a problem that throws their business out of gear, and they require more time and expertise than their current IT solutions can provide. 

If you’ve found yourself spending a large part of your day fixing technology instead of running your business or if a backlog of IT problems is holding up productivity, you may want to consider hiring a managed services provider like Prime Secured that can provide top-level services at an affordable price.

A managed services provider offers a large team of expert IT staff who serve as technical support for a number of different organizations. This team provides quality support on a level equivalent to that of a major corporation’s IT department but for a much lower price. A managed services provider is an ideal intersection of affordability and effectiveness, allowing small- to medium-sized companies access to equipment and expertise that can put them on the same level as major corporations.

But how do you know if it’s the right fit for you? We’ve prepared a checklist for anyone looking to save money and improve performance by outsourcing their IT. Here are some of the most prominent signs that you need a managed services provider:

  • You or your current "IT" personnel are overwhelmed
  • Cybersecurity is important to you
  • You plan on scaling up or down your business
  • You want IT decisions off your plate
  • You've experienced a security breach in the past


We provide a deep dive for each checklist item below. Carry on!


1. Are Your Current IT Personnel Overwhelmed?

Some small- to medium-sized businesses have reduced IT teams already. Some don’t even have that—they might rely on the knowledge of individual employees who should be spending their time on something else. Either way, when a company hits a growth spurt, IT problems can quickly get out of hand. More employees and more business mean more equipment, a bigger target for bad actors and more severe consequences when something goes wrong. If your IT capabilities aren’t strong enough to keep up, your problems can multiply at an overwhelming rate.

Employee Frustrated with Slow ComputerUsing a managed services provider can alleviate a significant amount of that pressure by providing ready access to a team of dedicated IT experts who are fully equipped to handle any problems that come your way. Instead of waiting for your IT personnel to slowly work through rapidly multiplying IT problems, you can hire a managed services provider that fully equips you to get you back to work quickly and smoothly. Another benefit: When things are running smoothly, you’re not stuck paying an overstaffed IT department to sit around and do nothing. This system is a great fit for any company that is currently growing or hoping to free up resources to facilitate growth.


2. Is Cybersecurity Important to Your Business?

Cybersecurity should be a priority for any business, especially in recent years when cyberattacks are more and more frequently carried out at random. But for some businesses, it holds extra importance. When handling sensitive information such as medical records, social security numbers or credit card information, even a small company needs top-of-the-line security. Any breach would be catastrophic.


A managed services company will provide cutting-edge security for a fraction of what it would cost in-house. In addition, a managed services security team deals with a wide variety of threats every day, so they’ll likely have more firsthand experience with evolving attacks than most in-house IT professionals.


Having a large team on your side also means that a managed services provider can allow staff to specialize in a way that’s just not possible for a smaller group. While a single person can learn the basics of every aspect of IT, there’s no way they can have encyclopedic knowledge of every aspect. A managed services team offers specialists in many different areas so no matter what problem you’re having, it is handled by someone with intimate knowledge of the subject.


3. Do You Plan to Scale Up or Scale Down Your Business?

Growing pains are inevitable whenever a business changes size. Hiring and cutting IT staff is complex work and can leave your IT department struggling to adjust to a new structure. For companies expecting a change in scale, flexibility is an incredible asset.


One way to achieve that flexibility is by using a managed services provider. As your needs change, so can their services. You may be able to negotiate a flexible contract with your provider so when changes come up, you won’t find yourself paying for help you don’t need or lagging behind on IT work.


There are financial benefits, too. Buying the necessary equipment for new demands on your business can be expensive and sometimes require years—or even decades—to pay off, leaving you financially committed to maintaining that growth for a long time. But if you choose to work with a managed services provider and make use of their equipment, you’ll only pay for the time you use it. That way, you’ll be sure every dollar spent directly benefits your business.


4. Do You Want IT Decisions Off Your Plate?

You know your job and you do it well. It’s in your company’s best interest for you to focus on what you’re good at. Solving problems with technology, choosing software and purchasing equipment isn’t always the best use of your time—but it’s important work that needs to be done right.


Hiring a managed services provider allows you to stay focused on what you do best. Your managed services team is well-versed in technology and its application and has the expertise to make the best choices for your situation. Of course, it’s still your company and you’ll have the final say. But you can lean on their judgment to save yourself time and energy.


5. Have You Experienced a Breach in Security?

Ransomware Attack- Locked Files

Cyberattacks are more relentless than ever. Every day, more and more people find themselves on the receiving end of a cybersecurity breach. Many people, especially those running smaller companies, think it could never happen to them. After all, why would a hacker target them when there are bigger fish available?

More often than not, hackers are looking for easy vulnerabilities over large payoffs—and small- to medium-sized companies are a good place to find them. Some hackers aren’t even choosing targets at all. Instead, they’re running procedures that search for and exploit any vulnerability they can find. It’s the digital equivalent of a thief checking every car door in a parking lot until they find one that’s unlocked. You can’t rely on being too small to catch a thief’s eye.


For many victims, a security breach is a wake-up call and a signal that their current security isn’t up to snuff. But it can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive to improve your security and recover after an attack. Hiring a managed services provider can greatly reduce the upfront costs and setup time of shoring up your digital defenses. Security experts can secure your data quickly and train your staff to avoid common scams and practice more secure habits.

Managed IT Services—An Affordable, Flexible and Effective IT Solution

If any of the above circumstances sound familiar, consider working with a managed services provider. Using managed services gives you access to a team of experts with the combined experience to match a large in-house IT department. Access to that level of skill with affordable and flexible pricing means you pay for only what you need and still receive top-tier service.


Your IT solutions are the oil in the gears of your business—they prevent interruptions and keep everything working smoothly. It’s worth getting it right.


If you want to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your IT infrastructure and believe managed services could be a good fit for you, Prime Secured can help. Contact us at www.primesecured.com and we’ll help you determine what services you need, along with a price estimate. Let’s get your business back in gear.

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