How to Spot an Email Scam

How to Spot an Email Scam
  • February 20, 2024

How to Spot an Email Scam

Check out this Tech Tip where we shed light on an email scam targeting small to medium-sized businesses.

How the Scam Works:
Perpetrators posing as representatives from reputable companies may use your website's contact form to express interest in buying large quantities of your product. This tactic serves a dual purpose:

1. Creating a facade of legitimacy to gain your trust.
2. Presenting a sizable order to entice you with the prospect of a significant opportunity.

Email Scam Post
Detecting the Scam:
Be vigilant for email addresses that deviate slightly from authentic company domains. For instance, they might employ "" to mimic the genuine "". They may also provide a functional but unrelated contact number.

Our Recommendation:
Initiate a Google search and directly contact the purported company to authenticate the inquiry. This could result in two scenarios:

1. Confirmation of a legitimate opportunity (Fantastic!)
2. A helpful heads-up to a company unaware of their name being exploited.



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