How to Spot a Fake Profile on Facebook

Fake Facebook Profiles
  • January 4, 2024

How to Spot a Fake Profile on Facebook

This tech tip is important for anyone that has a Facebook profile, and could be even more important for those with a Facebook Business Page.

It's no secret that cyber threats are evolving as the digital landscape grows, and we're here to arm you with vital information to protect your online presence. A concerning trend has emerged on Facebook recently—cybercriminals are creating fake profiles masquerading as legitimate Facebook entities. These impostors have a singular, sinister goal: to trick unsuspecting page owners into giving them sensitive information.

Picture this: your inbox receives a seemingly urgent message from what appears to be an official Facebook channel. The message claims your business page is on the brink of deletion due to an alleged policy violation. Panic sets in, and a link is provided for you to request a review to rectify the situation.

Tech Tip Fake Profiles

Beware! The link is nothing more than a trap, designed to steal your account credentials. Falling victim to this trick could open the door to unauthorized access and potential harm to your business.

We've gone the extra mile to provide you with a direct link to Facebook's official resource addressing this very issue. Educate yourself on the latest scams, stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, and fortify the defenses of your Facebook Business Page.



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