Genedeck: Your Answer to Seamless Genetec Security Center Automation

Genedeck, Improve Genetec Security Center Automation
  • August 17, 2023

Seamless Genetec Security Center Automation with Genedeck

Genetec + Streamdeck = Genedeck. The ingenious minds behind Prime Secured's engineering team deserve all the credit for this creation and catchy title.

What is Genedeck?

Let's start by explaining the creation of Genedeck. Genedeck was developed out of Prime Secured's commitment to enhancing the Genetec solution experience. Recognizing a gap, the Prime Secured team stepped in to make working with Genetec Security Center even more seamless. Even if you're not a security director with in-depth knowledge of the Genetec platform, Genedeck empowers you to effortlessly execute Security Center tasks without the need to launch the application.

How does Genedeck work?

Curious how this is possible? Our team harnessed the user-friendly essence of a Stream Deck—an automation and shortcut tool—and collaborated with a developer to create a custom Genetec plugin. Enter Genedeck. The Stream Deck (Genedeck) is fully customizable, with each of the buttons easily programmable to the needs of your organization. Once programmed, it’s simple to set up, and easy to learn and begin executing Security Center functions.

So, whether you're a security professional looking to make repetitive tasks faster or just someone who needs to know the basics, Genedeck is a perfect solution! Say goodbye to complexity and hello to streamlined operations, all thanks to the brilliant synergy between Prime Secured and Genetec

Who's Genedeck for?

Now that we've had the chance to boast about our team and their vision for Genedeck, let's discuss who Genedeck is a good fit for.

  1. Genetec Customers: If your organization is already using the Genetec platform, Genedeck is a great add-on feature.
  2. Casual Genetec Users: For those needing a straightforward interface with Genetec to execute simple tasks like unlocking and locking a door.
  3. Genetec-Intensive Systems: With the customizable buttons on Genedeck, there's a plethora of options available for tailoring and enhancing the user-friendliness of your extensive Genetec system.
  4. Genetec Console Commanders: Think control rooms, school lobbies, or the bustling entrance of a major enterprise.

How can your organization benefit?

Does this application sound like a good fit for your organization? If the answer is yes, then below we cover the benefits of Genedeck.

Easy Installation & Use

Genedeck eliminates the need for hard-wired buttons, making installation easy and hassle-free. It is a user-friendly, flexible, and dynamic tool that allows you to change functions instantly. You can easily train roles such as front desk personnel on how to use.

Provides Feedback

Genedeck does more than just act as a physical button. It shows the status of doors and provides feedback on the action. With customizable buttons, it can trigger events, and you can control any output.

Trigger Automations

Genedeck can trigger automations and you don't have to have Genetec Security Center running to use it.

Reduce Software Licenses & Maintenance

Using Genedeck can reduce the number of licenses required to access Genetec Security Center. You can optimize the use of your licenses and reduce the cost and effort required for software maintenance. This means that you can enjoy the full benefits of Genetec Security Center while minimizing the number of licenses needed to access it.

Increase Efficiency

Genedeck is perfect for repeatable actions inside of Genetec Security Center and can be customized to your organization's needs.

Cost Effective

With potential cost savings for large installations, Genedeck is a better alternative to mounting physical buttons, avoiding the hassle of hard-wired buttons.

Ready to get started with Genedeck?

Are you seeing the possibilities with Genedeck? Are you ready to get your hands on one or receive a demo? We are here to assist you!

If you’ve encountered additional challenges within your system, Genedeck could be the perfect solution for your needs. Just as we did with Genedeck, the Prime Secured team stands ready to craft innovative answers to problems that are yet to be addressed.

Connect with Prime Secured at or call us at 402-289-4126.

Download the Genedeck Spec Sheet

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